There are mountains of Resources around the world for Content Ideas, Blogging and Social Media Analytics… well actually, there probably are not any mountains – since everything is in the cloud… get it?  Anyways, here are a few sites, resources and tools I use and I wanted you to have them too!  

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Content –

Portnent’s  – Content Idea Generator


Portent’s Content Idea Generator is an excellent tool to check right before you create your Title or it can be used to generate ideas with simply plugging in a topic idea!  Many hours have been spent on this website as it spits out words, topics and ideas instantly!

Check it out!

Convince&Convert – 105 Content Ideas to fill Calendar 

Stuck? or Feeling like you’re out of ideas?  Well Convince & Convert’s list of content ideas is where I always turn to when looking for an idea on what to write about! 

Check it out!


What all those numbers mean –

Sprout – All of The Social Media Metrics that Matter


Sprout has a guide for understanding Social Media Analytics and Insights Metrics for: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+.  Even if you think you have mastered the statistics of Social Media, this is a great read.

Lilach Bullock – 101 Twitter Tools


With the countless number of Social Media tools out there, the list by Lilach Bullock breaks down these 101 Twitter Tools into categories!  Dashboard, Advertising, Analytics, Automated, Chat/Events, Cool, Hashtags, Imagery, Relationship, Get More Followers, Influence, Measuring, Mobile and News.  I guarantee you will find something new or interesting on her site!

Check it out!



Knowledge is Power –

Marketing Land – 60+ Content Marketing Education Resources


60+ Resources for Everything Content Marketing!  This list is a bit old, generated in 2013, but the websites listed are still active and better than ever.  They give a great directory for resources in the various categories: Content Marketing Blogs, Whitepapers, Free Guides, Case Studies, Training, Infographs, Videos and Podcasts.

Check it out!


Social Brite – Social Media Glossary


Another older post – But just like an encyclopedia, these terms never change…for the most part.  Social Brite has compiled over 99+ terms for you!

Check it out!


Get Out of the House – 

Breather – Find Workspaces

If you are like me then you work from home.  Sounds great huh?  Well not always…  I tend to find myself in a funk or unable to jump out of bed and start the productive process!  Here is one of many sights that can help you find office or desk space for rent in your area.  There is just something about a new place that invites motivation!

Check it out!


Desks Near Me

Another amazing tool to help you find office or desk space for rent in your area.

Check it out!




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