NING might have just changed the game when it comes to social media.  You have a following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many of the other social media platforms, but now you have the ability to be in control more than ever.  Now its your turn to create your own platform for your community.  Use it how you want to use it!

NING makes it easy to launch your own social network in a matter of minutes.

NING was launched in 2007 by Internet pioneer Marc Andreessen and visionary Gina Bianchini.  NING has also partnered with Mode Media, formerly Glam Media which is a huge reason for this amazing service.

A community built and controlled by you.

From, “We give you the tools and expertise to nurture and engage your own community on the largest, most scalable, and integrated social platform of its kind.  Whether you’re building a new site, looking to integrate community into your existing site, or re-launching your current site, Ning can handle it.”

To put their service in a bit of perspective, imagine if Mark Zuckerburg created a social platform and instead of the well-known story, he hands over the keys to you after all of the technical work is done!

“Ning has made it easy for members to get involved and submit their own photos, videos, and blog posts.” – Steve Culbertson, Creator of Youth Service America

Stop reading and check it out for yourself – click here

How it works

Unlike building a website through WordPress or others were you have to deal with multiple plugins, NING takes care of the technology.  They have countless tools pre-built into your NING community.  Quick pre-developed user social sign-in options helps to eliminate the barrier to signup. (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and morening_logo4x3)

Instead of jumping back and forth from all of your social networks, NING allows you to integrate all of your feeds, in real-time, on your new platform.  NING offers the ability to include features such as: Profiles, Photos, Forums, Liking and Sharing to better foster community engagement.

There are a vast number of preset themes that still give users the ability to customize their own using CSS and Javascript.  Not to mention, there are tools that help you develop a custom mobile app for your social network.  Easy to build – drag and drop features lets you edit on the fly.

Customize every aspect of your community and share it publicly, privately or a members-only club option.  Even better, you can customize which sections are public or private.

NING claims it is capable of hosting any size network with current communities having over a million members with tens of millions of page views. They claim they can handle your site no matter how big it gets!

“Ning allows the band’s official community to be a living breathing thing & not a mausoleum.” – Rome Thomas, A&M Octane Records

NING offers a free trial which gives you 14-days for you to decide if it is what you are looking for and with plans starting at $25/month with an annual agreement, it’s affordable for any business’s budget.  Start your free trial here.

Check out the features & pricing below

Features (included in each plan) –

*Forums and Photos, Liking & Sharing
*Unlimited sub-groups
*Customizable Member Profiles
*Member Categories
*Email Braodcast capability

*Advanced Blog feature, SEO optimized
*Ability to add multiple Blogs- invite other experts and/or members to co-publish
*Facebook, Disqus or native comments
*Unlimited custom HTML Pages

*Member sign-in via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google & more
*Seamless sharing to social media sites
*Integrate YouTube and Vimeo videos on Social Channel pages
*Real-time aggregated Activity Feed

*Responsive design utilizing HTML5
*Looks and works great on various devices: Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone
*Develop your own mobile app using APIs

*Drag & drop Site Builder
*Simple & powerful Design Studio
*Add your own custom CSS and Javascript
*Use your own domain

*Fine-grain privacy controls
*Appoint multiple administrators
*Granular content moderation
*Anti-spam protection

Pricing –

Basic – 25*/month
-Members 1,000
-Administrators 2
-Support via email within 48 hours

Performance – 49*/month
-Members 10,000
-Administrators 5
-Support via email within 24 hours

Performance – 99*/month
-Members 100,000
-Administrators 10
-Same Day Hotline & email support
-APIs (coming soon)

“The oldest online communities are 30 years old.  If you build a genuine community, with a strong sense of belonging, a large number of volunteers, and keep it fresh and interesting, your community might one day reach that landmark.  But remember–your community is never “done.”  It’s constantly growing, changing, and evolving–based on the interests of your members.” –



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