This section is where I “Brainstorm” on content ideas for blog content…  I would like to invite you to leave comments on this page that include added ideas or thoughts… In lameness terms, lets have a brainstorm session!   When you leave a comment, I’ll add it to the list or even add a new section…  Feel free to steal the content ideas for yourself…  One of my favorite collaboration quotes actually came from my time in sales – “It’s one big sandbox and we can all play in it.”



  • WordPress Plugins and how you shouldn’t use it like an AppStore! (SQL, FTP, .htaccess & FileZilla)
  • Digital Storage – Relationships, comparisons, and facts



  • Social Media powers of 2017 (Stats)
  • Compare various social media channels from the past to now
  • Tumblr tips, tricks and secrets! 



  • Idea #1
  • Idea #2



  • Idea #1
  • Idea #2



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